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Each stage consists of 15 levels.
The first 9 levels in stage A are predefined.
All following levels only use quotes from movies you added.

Some levels have time limits or challenge you more.

Swipe in level-overview to the side to see the following stages.
You want to play more stages? Unlock them for 25 coins by clicking on the coin symbol in the lower left corner.

Custom movies

Custom movies are unlocked by completing the first 9 levels in stage A.

Tap Add Movies to install your favourite movies by searching them or browse the latest and most popular sections.


With 10 coins you can use a joker.

  • 50:50 Joker: Hides two wrong movies.
  • 2nd Chance: Enables a 2nd chance when guessing a wrong movie.
  • Time Joker: Disables the time for one round. (time-mode)
  • Skip Joker: Skips current question. (unlocked in level A9)
  • Hint Joker: Gives a picture hint to the correct movie. (buyable for 100 coins)


For each collected star you get you’ll receive one coin.
By unlocking a new level you’ll receive three coins.

With coins you can unlock new stages, activate jokers, get more time in every time-level or remove the advertisement.

If you need more coins you can buy them by clicking Unlock extras.

Start Custom Game to earn coins without spending real money.