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What’s longer – the Great Wall of China or the diameter of the Moon?
The number one science data app.
Compare size, time, matter and much more.

Instant search provides fast fact validation on the go.

Compare scientific data in 32 categories:

Size: Search for dimensions of the Milky Way or a red blodd cell.
* Length
* Area
* Volume

Time: Can a Ferrari compete to the speed of a powerful tornado?
* Time
* Speed
* Acceleration
* Angular Velocity
* Frequency

Matter: Bacteria, elephants and black holes.
* Mass
* Force
* Pressure
* Density

Energy: Get a feeling for Einsteins E=mc²!
* Energy
* Specific Energy
* Specific Heat Capacity
* Entropy

Light: Candles, light bulbs and stars.
* Illuminance
* Luminous Flux
* Luminance

Electricity: Do you know the average total power consumption of the human world?
* Voltage
* Current
* Power
* Magnetic Field
* Charge
* Resistance
* Capacitance
* Inudctance

Information: From digital music to USB transfer rates.
* Bit Rate
* Computing

Numbers: The odds of a royal flush in poker: 150 millionth percent.
* Numbers
* Probability
* Currency

The app for physics, math, chemistry, electricity and geology.
Explore and compare data on your phone.

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